Jock and Mary's story?

The characters
Jock Hume had played the fiddle in ships' orchestras since he was fifteen. On his return he and his fiance Mary Costin were to marry ...more

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What YOU say about And the Band Played On
Since writing And The Band Played On I have received hundreds of heart-warming emails and letters about the book......more

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About the Author
Christopher Ward is the grandson of Jock and Mary. He is a former editor of the Daily Express. This is his family's story ...more

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Filming of the Documentary
The Discovery Channel has filmed an amazing drama-doc based on the book which was first screened for the centenary in April 2012 ...more

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Reviews of the Book
Click here to see the video of the story, told by author Christopher Ward, to the haunting sound of a violin made by Jock's father ...more

Talking Titanic at sea

Reader events
You might reasonably have supposed that the Titanic would be the LAST thing anyone would want to hear about while on a cruise...more
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And the Band Played On
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And the Band Played On
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